Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Days

So, I really have to admit that I love snow days. There's just a hint of skipping school rebellion that underlies the knowledge that since the superintendent of schools doesn't feel people should be out on the road, it's perfectly fine for me, a school employee, to be completely lazy while staying within the confines of my house.

So far today (and it's only 2:30, mind you), I have watched 3 episodes of Chuck (Season 2), made a half batch of homemade broccoli cheese soup (and let me tell you, I'm glad it was only half a batch -- at least the dogs liked it), made the insides for peanut butter balls (which are currently chilling while they await their melted chocolate bath), and checked my Facebook a whopping 4 times. I was in bed, contemplating the insides of my eyelids and waiting for that twilighty, not-quite-asleep-yet feeling to fall away to oblivion, when the phone shrilled in my ear. I figured it was probably Paul checking in, but in fact, was delighted to hear the lovely recorded mail voice on the other end saying, "This is the School Reach System with a message from your child's school." Ah joy! Another snow day tomorrow!

I think I'll attempt to replicate Chi-Chi's seafood enchiladas tonight, although the recipe calls for lobster base, and I don't even have chicken base. I guess I'll be hitting the internet to see if there's some way to subsitation bullion granules -- those, I've got plenty of. There's no reason not to cook something a little more complicated than usual since I've been pretty much inert all day. This one calls for cooking sherry -- look out, gastrointestinal system -- good stuff ahead! I might also poke my nose into the sewing room and see if there are any projects I've been waiting for the perfect time to work on...this could be that perfect time.

But for right now, I think I'll continue to sip on that mug of hot chocolate and tune in for another episode of Chuck. Enjoy your snow days!

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