Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Faux Finishes, Part Deux

Painting in one's underwear smacks of a certain level of freedom...and perhaps a bit of decadence. When the reason one is painting in one's underwear, however, is that the laundry isn't done, we have to assume that there is no Bohemian spirit at work...just a need to protect one's few remaining pairs of pants that fit from the ravages of Valspar's Brushed Suede paint in the lovely shade known as "Palomino Blanket."

I awoke this morning excited to finish the painting aspect of Project Redecorate the Spare Bedroom. Knowing that I only had 1/3 of the can of paint left, I read the Paint Man's faux finish brochure instructions once again, making sure that I was following them closely so as to not waste the horridly expensive stuff. I took out the 4 inch faux finish brush that I paid the equivalent of 10 toothbrushes for, dipped it confidently into the paint, and started to make random x patterns on the wall. After I finished an entire wall ("Only three to go!" I thought excitedly), I stepped back to admire the "subtle undertones that evoke the texture of brushed suede," as promised in the Paint Man's brochure.

It pretty much looked like I didn't have enough paint and just missed several sections. The undertones didn't evoke the texture of anything except the plain off-white walls I have been attempting to cover up. Oh crap.

So now I'm on Plan B. I ordered more paint from Lowe's, and Paul will pick it up on his way home from work. I used to what paint I had left to roll a second coat on to two of the walls. Then, when I get more paint, I'll finish rolling a second coat on the third wall, wait for it to dry, and start doing the faux finish technique on the walls that now have two coats. I guess I'll just do the whole x thing again on the walls I did this morning. I've effectively managed to add another day to the paint process, but I am undaunted. This spare bedroom will be finished during break, and it will be wickedly cool. Mr. Paint Man and I cordially invite you to come see my subtle undertones.

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